We specialize in murals and sign painting for businesses and homeowners throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area.


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Interior spaces are personal and intimate. With in-depth project discussion and Photoshop mock-ups we ensure the project fits you and the space.


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Big graphics and large letters make a big impact. Indoors or outdoors we have the experience to complete your project on time and within budget.



Painting the north face

When Tim Hamilton, head of The North Face creative needed to wow the CEO and board executives he called on SF Bay Murals. To do this we chose to paint the original drawing of The North Face Logo designed by David Alcorn in 1971. This project called for an ultra-tight deadline with size and surface challenges that took the skills and project management SF Bay Murals is known for.



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Laurie and Brian’s dream cloud ceiling


I have always loved painted/cloud ceilings. So much so I recently went to all the best painted ceilings in the world including the Sistine Chapel and the Palace of Versai. When Laurie and Brian reached out I was able to carry this European inspiration into a heavenly cloud scape that complements their beautiful home perfectly.  



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Due to water damage, we had to repaint our living room ceiling. We found Andrew online. After checking out his website and his references, we hired him to paint our circular ceiling with a sky and realistic-looking puffy clouds. We are thrilled with the result! Now whenever it’s foggy here in SF, we look up at our gorgeous sky and smile. Actually, we look at it every day—not just on foggy days— and smile. Thank you, Andrew, for doing a stellar job at a very reasonable price!
— Laurie Barkin and Brian Brosnahan
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Reflecting the spirit of this Point Richmond eatery


Candice opened a Vietnamese restaurant and needed some art to fit her vision. Anh’s Vietnamese restaurant was based on Candice’s mother, who immigrated here during the fall of Saigon. She wanted some way to show the struggles her mother endured. The boat she used to cross the Atlantic seemed a perfect symbol. The problem was, no photos were taken of the craft. After searching high and low, an image of a ship similar was found, but It was not exact. So, we needed to tweak a mock-up multiple times until Anh felt the depiction of the ship was perfect. Then the hard part started, drawing eight feet by four feet, framing it and lighting it. With this piece alongside Anh’s cooking, patrons leave with a sense of her proud family’s history.



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SF Bay Murals will travel! 

For this Condo mural I traveled to sunny San Diego, Ca. Because the client was not currently living in the space I was able to overnight onsite. This saved the client money and helped me capture the feel of the surrounding city. If you have an Airbnb and would like some authentic art that really wows guests, I would love to work with you too.   

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Andrew created an iconic piece for me representing the city I love. Everyone who sees it is blown away at the artistry, but when I look at it my heart is filled with beautiful memories of growing up in San Diego
— Kelly Peterson
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Master Bedroom Hand Painted Whimsy


Interior design element

Cloud ceilings are exciting projects that can really round out a space. With that old world look your room is quickly transformed from space to place.



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Window to another world


An aquatic outdoor mural

In El Sobrante we were commissioned to paint a mural the size of a blue whale (80 feet). Keeping the space clean was essential as the client recently installed expensive artificial grass. To do this we needed to prep the space with considerable care. Ensuring the client is happy takes professionalism and skill, with SF Bay Murals you get just that.


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Great people. Amazing work. And a price that makes this new small business owner really happy (and relieved). Our place looks great.
—   –Andy Beach ,Owner at Here, Doggy! Daycare.

Happy To Help Andy!

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